SCR Cleaning Machine

Item No.: BR-SCR-B01
Diesel SCR/DPF Cleaning Machine

This machine is suitable for cleaning kinds of SCR converter of diesel cars, small sized or tube type DPF also could be cleaned.

What’s SCR converter?
SCR technology is one of the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient technologies available to help reduce diesel engine emissions. SCR can reduce NOx emissions up to 90 percent while simultaneously reducing HC and CO emissions by 50-90%, and PM emissions by 30-50%. SCR systems can also be combined with a diesel particulate filter to achieve even greater
emission reductions for PM.

Why SCR cleaning is necessary?
Problems will cause by SCR blockage
1.High fuel consumption
2.Slower Acceleration
3.Cause engine carbon deposit, Lack of performance
4.Decrease SCR lifespan
5.Excessive exhaust emission
6.Increase maintenance cost
7.It may cause spontaneous combustion if in most serious blockage

Model No. BR-SCR-B02
Dimensions(L*W*H) 730*750*855mm
Weight 105kg
Voltage 380V
Rated power 14Kw
Water tank 120L
Connecting pipe 40mm
Flow rate 10m³/h

1. Machine body,pump and all clamps are made of stainless steel material, solid and durable.
2. Equipped with multiple joints 40-160mm,well-adapted to wash small,middle and large sized SCR.
3. By using 120L high capacity pump,even large sized diesel also workable to be cleaned.
4. High pressure cleaning pump with strong wash efficiency.
5. By using unique air pressure bursting technology and micro bubble cleaning function, it will burst and shock every 30 seconds during cleaning, assures best cleaning effect, even serious blockages can be dredged up.
6. PLC Program control+touch screen operation.
7. High temperature cycle cleaning to achieve efficient dredge blockage
8. No SCR dismantling required, easy install, convenient and quick disassemble.
9. Cleaning time and heating temperature is adjustable.
10. Prolong lifespan of SCR.
11. Achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.
12. Automatic cleaning, easy operation.

Machine details:

Various sized air bag joint for connecting SCR, application range:45-160mm

Internally installed air collector

Pressure gauge reaction blockage

40mm diameter steel wire negative pressure hosepipe

Waste liquid stainless steel filters

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