DPF Cleaning machine

Our DPF cleaning machine allows you to clean every kind of particulate filters for cars (Euro 6 too),buses and trucks, including SCR of large trucks.
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Only one such machine can clean all kinds of filter, complete entire cleaning cycle (washing and drying).Don't need to cut filter, don't need bake it and weld it. After finish whole cycle, it is possible to compare original and final parameters in order to verify the cleaning results. It can print the data. The cleaning workshp is made of stainless steel which can support 500kg weight. There is adjustable platform to clean different size and weight of DPF. Equipped with filtering cartridges to collect PM10 which comes out from the filter during cleaning process.

●Efficient cleaning of all types of DPF and SCR.
●Total removal of all residuals, PM10 residuals and cerium residuals. 
● Intelligent assessment of DPF blockage condition.
● Intelligent constant temperature heating
●Micro molecule bubble washing and cycle pulse cleaning, clean intensity is adjustable.
● Easy and Fast,only 30 minutes to regenerate a DPF for gasoline car and 120 minutes for a disel
● Intelligent back pressure detection to verify cleaning result before and after cycle cleaning.
● Quick drying after cleaning completed.
● Intelligent frequency conversion control,pressure is adjustable.
● Data printing before and after cleaning, so that customer can clearly see the report and cleaning effects.
●You can do entire cleaning cycle (washing and drying) with one machine only,greatly saves money and time.
● Completely automatic and simple operation
● Environmentally friendly
● SS304 stainless steel material, superior quality
● Safe for DPF/SCR


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