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Car engine carbon killer

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Update time : 2019-09-11 09:39:51
What is engine carbon?
Carbon sequestration is a mixture of substances that are left over from oil, dust, sundries, etc. when the engine is working. Car engine that love car heart engine when working, the composition that cannot burn in fuel oil and the dust that be inhaled by intake air, form glue to adhere to valve, piston and combustion chamber surface under the action of high temperature, and then further condense into asphaltene and oily coke mixture through the action of high temperature, this is the engine carbon. Engine carbon is engine killer!
Automobile engine carbon deposition, will cause poor engine starting, unstable idle speed, acceleration and fuel consumption is too big, and so on questions, carbon deposition is refers to the series with fuel and lubricating oil when cannot complete combustion of the combustion chamber, the colloid (main ingredient is  acid, asphaltene, gas quality, etc.), and adhesive on the edge of the intake/exhaust door, cylinder, piston top, the spark plug, the combustion chamber, such as location, after the engine again and again under the action of high temperature, hard cement carbon accumulation formation.
Why is carbon accumulation an engine killer?
Damage of engine combustion chamber carbon
1. Cold start difficulty. (valve close loosely)
2. Unstable idle speed, engine jitter and knock.
3, weak acceleration, lack of power. (carbon deposition occupies combustion chamber volume and reduces compression ratio)
4, higher fuel consumption, lower fuel efficiency.
5. Excessive emission. (insufficient combustion)
6. Short service life of accessories. (combustion chamber spare parts, sensors, exhaust system)
7. Engine overheating and damage. (top piston)
Engine carbon is the counter - HHO!
Carbon removal efficiency of HHO carbon removal machine:
Environmental protection: HHO decarbonizing machine USES water electrolysis to produce active HHO gas to decarbonize, decarbonizing zero pollution, and through HHO decarbonizing machine decarbonizing car can reduce 60% of harmful gas emissions, energy saving and environmental protection
Save money: no labor costs, low material costs, no need to change the oil
Time saving: it only takes 20 minutes to remove carbon
Car protection: can extend the service life of the engine, no chemical composition is involved in the process of carbon removal, no damage to engine components
Power: significantly improve engine output horsepower, increase power 10-15%, significantly improve acceleration capacity
Damping: improve engine jitter and stable idle speed
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